Why Kids Should Run


Running is great for kids. In fact, recent studies and anatomic data have suggested we are all essentially Born to Run.  Christopher McDougall wrote an entire book about it, and the Smithsonian produced a video to the like.

But I digress.

We all know the obvious benefits of running. Large muscle development and cardiovascular health are greatly improved with light to moderate runner training. These reasons are probably why programs like Girls on the Run and Let Me Run have become so incredibly popular.

On a deeper level, however, running is a natural way for kids to burn off stress energy that actually helps them perform better in school.  It has also been shown to help with attention and focus in the classroom due to the release of brain chemicals that support  mental clarity and braincell growth.  This article from Runner’s World cites a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine of pre-teen students whose academic performance improved with regular light to moderate exercise, including running. Many running coaches, like Carol Goodrow even incorporate writing into the training programs they design for youth. These activities serve to further support the ties of academics and athletics. 

Running has also shown to support other sports. If a child is involved in basketball, lacrosse, swimming or soccer, the benefits of regular running will spill over into their other sports. WebMD accounts that athletes who cross train regularly are stronger and experience less injuries than those who do not.

With kids running programs, however, it’s important to follow sound guidelines and practices to keep them safe and healthy. sites these 10 rules that all preteen and competitive kid athletes should follow.

1. Make sure your children know that “win or lose,” you love them and are not disappointed with their performance.

2. Be realistic about your child’s physical ability.

3. Help your child set realistic goals.

4. Emphasize improved performance, not winning. Positively reinforce improved skills.

5. Don’t relive your own athletic past through your child.

6. Provide a safe environment for training and competition.

7. Control your own emotions at games and events. Don’t yell at other players, coaches or officials.

8. Be a cheerleader for your child and the other children on the team.

9. Respect your child’s coaches. Communicate openly with them. If you disagree with their approach, discuss it with them.

10. Be a positive role model. Enjoy sports yourself. Set your own goals. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Cow Stretching

So feel good about encouraging your child to run! It’s a lifelong gift that can be done anywhere and is practically free (aside from a good pair of shoes, sports bras for girls and those pesky race fees!).  When taught correctly, the benefits far out weigh the risks of good health and improved school performance.


J’aime Kent is a competitive trail runner and Duathlete. She ran her first 5k at the age of 8 in Deland, FL.


What the Media Says About Your Body is BS!

Hey Ladies. Do you ever get the feeling that what the media says about your body is Bullshit? If you don’t, you probably haven’t thought about it too deeply.

A friend recently shared this Huffington Post article that really hit home with me.  It is about how to talk with your daughter about her body. It brought up some stuff for me.

The truth is, all my life, I was unwillingly influenced by external perceptions of what a woman’s body should look like. It actually started at a very young age, and I’m not alone! I’ve had conversations with other women to mirror much the same.  One friend revealed that she was pinched playfully by an uncle as a youngster and called chubby. She never forgot that and still carries that wound! This is not only a media issue, it has roots that are penetrating deep into the home.

As we get older, the task that we face is to learn to rekindle a long lost love affair with our bodies. We can choose to relearn to love them unconditionally or to do the work to change them. But if the idea is “home” improvement, it is absolutely KEY to remain detached from the results. If we want to have a healthy relationship with our bodies, our longest-standing best friends, we need to follow some simple guidelines:

  1. When referring to the Human Body, avoid the use of the word flat or the word hard. Bodies are organic. They are made of soft materials. They bulge, they bloom, they  lank, but they are never flat. Boards are flat, buildings are flat.  People, on the other hand are not. Our bodies will also never be hard. Muscles add mass to our bodies (which also makes them less “flat”) and create a more dense tension. But our bodies will never be HARD. Bowling balls are hard.  And who on earth would want to snuggle with one of those?
  2. Let go of the idea that we can spot train our bodies. I’ve dealt with a myriad of clients who want to “lose weight in their belly” (see again “flat” myth from topic #1) streamline their rear ends or fix their arm flab. While lifting weights to add muscle mass may change that area, the ideas of what it will look like in the end are just ideas. Those almost never become the reality. Say I were to fantasize about a model in a magazine (see further info in topic #3), the truth is I will never look like that because I will never have “her” body, it will always MY body. I may improve it, but my unique chemistry has its own successes and limitations. My body will always look like MY body.
  3. Don’t envy the image in the image in the magazine: it is FAKE!!!!! It is photoshopped, airbrushed, and painted. It is a painting, a work of digital art. It is a 2D image that is printed on paper. It IS NOT REAL!! Models (who we all perceive to be perfectly proportioned, starved & immaculately beautiful human beings) are photographed then taken into the computer and stretched to make their legs longer, squeezed to cinch their waists, voluptuized to “improve” their breasts and painted to even their skin tone.  The real versions of the magazine images you see have blemishes, bruises, bumps, and cellulite just like the rest of us!

So the bottom line here is to just be healthy. Be OK. Be in acceptance. Know that the decisions that we make for what goes into our bodies is ours. Make a conscious effort to exercise.

Let’s take care of ourselves and the world around us.

And please, please, PLEASE! Don’t pass along what the media says about  our bodies Bullshit  to our little girls. They deserve so much better.

In Happy Health, <3 J.


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